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Insurance Coverage Review

This is a module in our Comprehensive Financial Planning Service.

Providing guidance to be prepared for when you experience some of life’s unhappy moments such as: loss of a job, death or disability of an income earner, the need for additional care for a family member. Preparing for these moments is an integral part of the planning process. Although not a fun subject to discuss, it is important to be prepared.

Our Process

Life can throw many curve balls at us.  We feel it is important to transfer catastrophic risks to an insurance company when needed.  Insurance and other protective solutions can be a very important part to minimize risk within a financial plan.  Insurance products should be used to lower the risk that something will cause a major shift in your financial and life plans.

Our goal is to ensure that our clients cost efficiently reduce their risk and transfer them to insurance policies when appropriate.  We will guide you in creating a cost-efficient insurance mix.

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