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Tax Planning, Preparation & Filing Service


Within our financial planning process, we consider Tax Planning as one of the most important topics.  Typically, Taxes will be one of the biggest expenses we will pay in our lifetime and sometimes even after we are gone.  If we plan correctly, you may save substantial amount of taxes you’re your lifetime.

Client Centered

As a tax-focused financial planning firm, we put emphasis on using tax planning as a tool to help our clients build and preserve wealth.

Our Tax Planning service involves 

  1. Identifying and executing short, medium and long-term tax saving strategies.
  2. Tax Projections to keep you prepared for tax filing and minimize your tax rate.
  3. Keeping you prepared and informed of tax law changes that affect your tax situation.
Client Inputs

Client Inputs

We will ask for and review your tax returns to analyze any possible issues we may be discovering.  We also gather the latest paystubs (individuals) or profit and loss statements (business owners) for Tax Projection (to estimate the current year’s tax liability).

Our Process

Our Process

Tax Planning ≠ Tax Preparation

Assessing your current tax situation for Short-Term Tax Savings opportunities & future Tax Planning.

Develop Tax Saving strategies.

Confirm execution of these strategies with our Tax Preparation & Filing team.  Our Tax Preparation & Filing team will include our Accountant or your Accountant.

Discuss with you & execute through our Tax Preparation & Filing team.

Monitor for you and Report back progress to you.

Client Value-Add

Client Value-Add

  1. Tax Planning along with Tax Preparation & Filing
  2. We estimate that our long-term tax planning strategies may help you save substantial amount of taxes over their lifetime.
  3. Ensuring that the strategies that we recommend are implemented when filing taxes.

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